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Pearly Penile Papules Causes – Top Cause of PPP & What About Uncircumsized?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

‘Whitish, glistening, and sensitive’, these are the common characteristics of the lumps that appear to cover the head of a man’s penis in 2 or more rows. The lumps, which are shaped like domes are arranged around the corona of the penis, although the lesions may continue further into the penis glands. Further below are Source & Causes of PPP.

While many who are afflicted with this condition believe that they are not painful, some of them begin to have a mixed of emotions having them around their sex organ, and hence may linger within confusion and oblivion. As an example, a few may refuse to see a doctor because courage failed them as the lumps only begin to get obvious when they are hard on. Thus, rather than showing their penises in their aroused-state to a doctor, they hide their embarrassment and continue to wonder what they are. Other men may have grown to like having them around their penises as they provide sensual and erotic feeling while they are given an oral sex.

‘Pearly Penile Papules’, that is what they are in a layman’s term or Hirsuties Papillairs Genitalis in scientific term. According to the medical experts, the fear of having them on one’s penis is groundless as the pearly penile papules are harmless. In fact, other than the sensitivity felt by some men while having an oral sex, and the sensuality by women during sex, the papules should not affect men having them, one way or another. They are not associated with any malignant possibilities as well.

In addition, the lumps on the penis are not communicable. Therefore, the papules are not transmitted to another person while having unprotected sex, simply because, the white lumps are not among the dreaded sexually transmitted diseases that plagued mankind, although their appearance may be mistaken for genital warts, which are a common sexually transmitted disease. Of noteworthy revealing a fact about the pearly penile papules is that only men are affected by them.

While researchers are yet to determine what truly causes the formation of pearly penile papules, there are studies linking blocked grease glands, specifically the sebaceous glands to having them. The sebaceous glands, which are present in the human skin of both men and women, can be enlarged. And the parts of the skin from which the enlargement mostly occur are the scrotum and the shaft of the penis. During the enlargement, the glands may be blocked, causing those lumps to be filled with creamy substance known as sebaceous cysts and thus appear around the corona of the penis.

Moreover, the small white spots that begin to appear around the rim of the penis do not have any symptoms, and could not be a symptom of another disease. However, it would be wise to seek professional help from hospitals having the genitourinary medicine of GUM facilities to appropriately evaluate on the said white lumps.

Here are some of what cause PPP :

Moving forward, according to intellectual observation done by medical experts, men who are uncircumcised are found to be more vulnerable to developing the white lumps, in comparison to men who are circumcised. Among the participants to the observation, 22% of them were uncircumcised while 12% were circumcised. Further, men who choose to be circumcised later in life have been observed to have the pearly penile papules fewer and less regressed.

Besides the issue on circumcision, race can also be a factor in acquiring the white lumps. In a similar study mentioned above, 44% of the uncircumcised were African American while 33% of them were white American. Among the circumcised, 21% of them were black American while 7% of them were white American.

There is no limit and exception to developing the pearly penile papules as even youngsters at 10 years old can grow the white lumps. There were even elderly—at 66 years old—to have been afflicted with the papules based on a separate study of 840 men between 10 and 66 years old. In that study, 30.1% of them have the papules. Of the 30.1% afflicted, 32.7% of them were black American and 13.9% were white American. Of the 32.7% black American, 44% of them were not circumcised, while 20.8% were. Among the white men, on the other hand, 33.3% of the 13.8% were not circumcised, while 7.1% were.