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Real Truth If Pearly Penile Papules is STD? PPP Exposed vs Herpes, Genital Warts & Other Sexually Transmitted Disease

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Pearly penile papules, when they start to appear, linger around the rim of the penis. Their shape resembles that of a dome, and their color ranges from whitish to yellowish or pinkish. But more often than not, the color is two shades lighter than the skin of the head of the penis and the entire sex organ itself.

While there is no scientific explanation on how they are formed and what causes their lurking around the rim of the penis, researchers are certain that they are not because of any bacteria or virus associated with poor hygiene or the lack of it. The papules are likewise not contagious. They are not transmitted by having a sexual contact with someone who has the papules or by touching them with a hand.

The Herpes, which are caused by HSV1 and HSV2, can be transmitted not only by all forms of sexual contact including oral sex. People who are infected with the disease can also infect others by using the latter’s infected towels, blankets, handkerchiefs, accessories and even clothing.

In addition, people who are infected with the Herpes are susceptible to developing genital warts as well. Genital warts are caused by the Human Pappiloma virus or HPV. Pearly penile papules, on the other hand, do not put the affected person at risks for developing other disorders. Because the root cause is surely neither a bacteria nor a virus, the papules do not weaken the immune system of the man affected.

Two common characteristics of men who have them are first, the papules are more common among men who are African American or black American than on white American; second, between these two Americans, the papules are seen more in uncircumcised men. There is no valid scientific discipline to explain why uncircumcised men are more susceptible, except that scientists discovered that the grease glands found on the skin can be enlarged around the penis shaft, and blocked. In turn, the blockade causes the skin to form bumps or cysts. The blockade can be spontaneous that even 10 year olds can have the papules.


Moving forward, the penile papules may be mistaken for either of the sexually transmitted diseases mentioned here because their appearance may have similarities with the genital warts. However, if you take a closer look, the penile papules do not have blisters or sores. What they have are bumps or lumps or dots. Genital warts appear around and in the genital area, which are absolutely unattractive. The herpes, on the other hand, have sores and blisters in the genitals. People who are infected with either the Herpes or the Genital warts suffer with pain, while men who have the pearly penile papules do not feel anything at all. In fact, the papules seem to be non-existent, except for their appearance that bothers most men and affect their esteem during intimate moments.

People who are infected with the sexually transmitted diseases will not achieve perfect bliss during sexual intercourse because of the blisters and sores and pain. In comparison with men with penile papules, some say that their partners find them extra sensational, while others allege they did not feel any difference at all.

At their worst state, both the Herpes and the Genital warts may spread the disease throughout other areas such as mouth, throat or inner thighs in rare cases. With papules, however, the farthest that they can reach is the shaft of the penis.

Finally, and perhaps the most important fact about the penile papules is that they are treatable. Although they are neither bothersome nor malignant, there are ways to have them removed. You can have medical procedure such as carbon dioxide laser ablation or excisional surgery and electrotherapy. There may be risks associated with any of these procedures, but they are guaranteed to be effective in eradicating traces of the papules as if they did not exist. Home and natural remedies, including tea tree oil, castor oil and AHA cream may also prove effective.

Nonetheless, Herpes and Genital warts are incurable. There symptoms may be treated with strong antibiotics, but the viruses that are the sources of their existence are never killed. They just lurk and stay dormant for awhile, waiting for the opportune time to strike again. Even the impressive technology and wisdom of the herbal and Chinese medicines cannot come up with a solution yet.